The Desserts

strawberry Dessert Yaggo!

Mon Grec Strawberry Dessert Elle&Vire

Elle&Vire Natural-Sugary Dessert

Mango Dessert

Peach Dessert Yaggo!

Apricot Dessert

Vanilla Dessert Yaggo!

Pineapple Dessert

Elle e Vire Sobremesa Morango

Elle&Vire Strawberry Dessert

Fruit Passion Dessert

Exceptional Butters

Elle&Vire Manteiga Gourmet sem Sal

Gourmet Half Salted Butter Elle&Vire

Mini Butter H/Salted ELLE&VIRE (For restaurant)

Marquis Unsalted Butter

Marquis Salted Butter

Corman Patisy Butter

Gourmet Cookies

Mokate Chocolate Chip Cookies 150g x16

MOKATE Cookies With Peanut & Choc 150G X16

Mokate Cookies Rings Raspberry 150G x 16unid

MOKATE Cookies Sunshine Rings 160G x 16unid

Exotic Teas

Just a Minute Black tea in sachets 20 x 1,4g

Just a Minute Black tea – Lemon in sachets 20 x 1,4g

Just a Minute Black tea in sachets XL 100 x 1,4g

Delicious Cheese

Elle&Vire Cream Cheese

Cream, High-end Patisserie


Corman Sculpture

Elle&Vire Professional Cream Excellence