For over 25 years, we have been contributing with our experience and know-how
to develop the retail sector in Angola.


Oxbow invests in communicating and promoting the brands it distributes, sponsoring events, developing advertising campaigns, supporting causes and promoting the dissemination of product attributes and benefits to the final consumer.


Guided by its concern to serve better, Oxbow has been a pioneer in Angola in the Merchandising sector and has a team of professionals that respects the strict and high standards of conduct and quality


We work in product replacement, brand promotion and market information gathering.


In order to achieve the best penetration rate in the Angolan market, Oxbow invests heavily in promoting the brands it distributes.


We implement fair trades, sale exhibitions and promotions, whose purpose is to boost sales and build customer loyalty, creating unique moments of proximity to brands.

Selling Force

We rely on the energy and skills of our sophisticated sales team to deliver enhanced customer support.


Backed by state-of-the-art technology tools and equipped with expert Customer Service, Oxbow’s sales force is a decisive element of market competitiveness.


We are an ever present pre and after sales partner, thanks to our weekly control system.