About us

Since 1993 operating in the country, we are a 100% Angolan family business
that strives to serve families and organizations by providing quality service.
We have a solid trademark that inspires trust to customers and consumers.
Our experience is our greatest foundation.

We are committed to provide our clients with the best brands in terms of quality, efficiency and innovation in the food sector and non-food sector.

The organization imports distribute and commercialize competitive and value-added products to its Customers; working simultaneously to make our customers' sales process successful.


We cover the channels HORECA (Hotels, Restaurants and Coffee shops), Catering and all modern distribution.

Our operational tactics generated “B to B” partnerships with over 500 enterprises.

we have a product offer that meets the specific needs and characteristics of the Angolan market.

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Hotels 0
Catering 0
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Successfully represent, develop and distribute quality brands in Angola, developing trusting relationships with partners.

To be recognized as a reference company in the distribution of national and international quality brands in the Angolan market, guaranteeing a service above all else.

Accuracy, Transparency, Dedication, Confidence, Team Spirit, Professionalism, Entrepreneurship, Excellence, Resilience.

Strong Points

We are a reputable company in the market for quality of service.
Distribution of internationally renowned brands, business proactivity and flexibility.


Years of Experience


500 partnerships


Business areas